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inspection work

Most O-rings and most of the similar C-parts have undergone an automated quality check at the manufacturer. These quality inspections ensure an adequate but not a "100% defect free" quality level. For customers with high and very high quality requirements (for example for vacuum applications or safety-related components) Sealtech offers the option of a special quality check by trained personnel with appropriate tools (magnifying glasses, digital microscopes, blacklight lamps, etc.). These quality inspections ensure our customers - according to their requirements - the best quality possible on their product. 

Our experience of almost three decades shows, that the additional costs of these supplementary quality checks often are compensated by other cost saving effects: internal time consuming quality checks before installing the O-rings and C-parts are obsolete; customers thereby reduce the lead time in their internal production. 100% checked O-rings and C-parts further reduce the costs of their after sales efforts (fewer customer complaints etc.).