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Sealtech AG

Your reliable partner for over 30 years!

Our company started operations in 1992. The founders of the company with their many years of experience perceived a growing demand for high quality O-rings. The permanent focus on customer needs combined with an uncompromising quality strategy formed and continues to form the foundation for the success of our company.

Sealtech: your trading partner and service provider for O-rings, molded gaskets and C-parts

In the second generation we understand ourselves not only as a supplier of high-quality O-rings and molded gaskets made of various materials, but mainly as your competent service provider for sealing components with a focus on O-rings. In addition to a 100% quality control of all O-rings according to the parameters you require (e.g.: complete surface inspection, checking of dimensions and tolerances, hardness measurements, etc.), the services tailored to your individual needs also include the entire "handling" of the sealing components from purchasing to warehousing to worldwide delivery of the goods "just in time".

Based on our many years of experience in sealing components, we now offer our services in the area of ​​purchasing, quality control, warehousing and shipping also for ​​other similar "C-parts" made of metal or plastic.

Independence, reliability

We as Sealtech are not bound to any particular manufacturer! Based on our many years of business activity, we have an excellent network with various large and small seal manufacturers in Europe and the USA. This enables us to consider the best source of supply for our customers in terms of "quality and price".

Reliability with regard to the quality of our products and services as well as the guarantee of the readiness to deliver at all times are a matter of course for us, without which we could not have successfully maintained our position on the market for more than a quarter of a century.

Partnership and cooperation with suppliers

In the business relationship with our suppliers we attach great importance to cooperative partnership; Sealtech sees itself as a service provider who performs a "hinge function" between the end customer and the manufacturers of the basic product. We do not produce ourselves but provide services in the interests of manufacturers and end customers, especially in the area of ​​quality testing, final cleaning (guaranteed particle-free if necessary) and the entire handling of O-rings and other C-parts. Based on this basic understanding, our customers include not only buyers of O-rings and C-parts, but also the manufacturers of the corresponding goods for which we provide services, usually on the basis of so-called "private labeling" products.