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Clean rooms

In general clean rooms are used for special manufacturing processes where the normal ambient air must not be in contact with the products due to its particle concentration. For our customers from the semiconductor industry and as well as the manufacturers of laser technology or other mechanical components with strict cleanliness requirements Sealtech has built new cleanrooms in the ISO classes 8 and 5; therefore Sealtech is able to meet the highest requirements regarding the cleanliness of its O-rings and other C-parts.

Below the maximum permissible particle concentrations in clean rooms (class 1-9) according to ISO 14644.



Cleanroom class ISO 8

In our clean room class ISO 8 we handle products which have to meet increased cleanliness requirements from the industrial environment. Products from the ISO 8 cleanrooms show a very good degree of cleanliness, which is sufficient for most industrial applications.


Cleanroom class ISO 5

For applications with extremely high cleanliness requirements, such as in the semiconductor industry, we developed a separate clean room in the ISO class 5.

In both clean rooms - class 8 and class 5 - we carry out a corresponding particle monitoring; our particle monitoring is not only based on monitoring the room air but also includes residual dirt analysis on the finished O-rings. Therefore we can assure not only the air quality but also the cleanliness on the product itself.