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Erstklassiger Kundenservice

Customer service

Since the company was founded, Sealtech always focused on its ability of providing a wide range of services related to O-rings and other C-parts. We offer therefore optimal stock management for O-rings or other C-parts, e.g. based on the Kanban method.

We also handle the delivery of your branches abroad reliably and provide you with the complete documentation for customs clearance.

We further implement together with you any kind of customization to O-rings and related C-parts regardless of whether we purchase the O-rings from our suppliers or whether we consider a supplier that you have approved! We carry out a quality inspection defined by you; we clean or pack the goods exactly to your specifications. We fill the gap between the highly standardized mass-produced product and a custom-made individual item made especially for you.

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Kanban at the customer

If you want to maintain inventory in your factory, but reduce the administrative order and inventory management costs, we offer you the possibility of kanban storage in your production plant. Together we define the number of storage boxes, pick up the empties every day and fill up the stock. So you always have your materials ready for assembly.

Stock Sealtech


In order to be able to supply our customers, we keep around 500 different dimensions in FKM (Viton®) and NBR (Nitrile) constantly in stock.

If certain quantities of certain dimensions are called up regularly, we offer you the storage in our house of every O-ring or C-part you need!


We also offer tailor-made solutions for logistics. Whether a delivery through our own transport service to you, an express delivery via courier service or on the regular shipping route, everything is possible. For shipments abroad, we also undertake the preparation of the customs documents and the registration via EDEC. If you have a predefined service provider, we are happy to coordinate the delivery with your logistics partner and work hand in hand.

Express Logistics

If we have the necessary materials in stock, we process your order - at your request - on the same day! The delivery can be organised by us or via an express courier!

Worldwide Shipping

Sealtech delivers its goods worldwide on a daily basis! We cooperate therefore with your preferred forwarding agent or with our own service partner. 

Customs Clearance

An export doesn't work without customs clearance. For every delivery abroad, we create the necessary documents for customs clearance, such as a EUR1, to guarantee smooth handling at the border. If you have your own customs office, we will send the papers to your export team.


Are you looking for O-rings or other similar C-parts that have undergone a special in-house treatment (for example oiled o-rings)? Do you have your own ideas for cleaning or packaging? Are you looking for spare parts kits that are put together specifically according to your ideas? Then you are in the right place at Sealtech! Adapting a mass product to the customer's needs is one of our long-standing specialties! Give us a call! We are happy to make you an appropriate offer!

Private Labeling

As your private labeling service partner we inspect, clean and package your products with your logo/brand in the appropriate containers. You solely continue to act towards your customers, Sealtech stays in the background!

The model of "Private Labeling" is used by our customers for spare parts or maintenance sets, which are compiled by us - according to the appropriate technical specifications - and shipped worldwide.

In the field of cleanroom-treated goods we are seeing an increasing demand for private labeling services. Through our years of experience and the corresponding technical infrastructure, we take over the last steps of the ultra-cleaning process for O-rings and similar C-parts. You simply send us your parts, we clean and package them on your specific request.

On request we further take over the entire C-parts management (purchasing, warehousing, processing, shipping).

Inspection Work

Most O-rings and most of the similar C-parts have undergone an automated quality check at the manufacturer. These quality inspections ensure an adequate but not a "100% defect free" quality level. For customers with high and very high quality requirements (for example for vacuum applications or safety-related components) Sealtech offers the option of a special quality check by trained personnel with appropriate tools (magnifying glasses, digital microscopes, blacklight lamps, etc.). These quality inspections ensure our customers - according to their requirements - the best quality possible on their product. 

Our experience of almost three decades shows, that the additional costs of these supplementary quality checks often are compensated by other cost saving effects: internal time consuming quality checks before installing the O-rings and C-parts are obsolete; customers thereby reduce the lead time in their internal production. 100% checked O-rings and C-parts further reduce the costs of their after sales efforts (fewer customer complaints etc.).