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FEP O-Ringe

FEP seamless coated O-rings


O-rings coated with FEP have an elastic core made of Viton® (FKM), silicone (VMQ) or EPDM. The respective core is seamlessly encapsulated with FEP. The strength of the FEP coating depends on the cord size of the O-ring.

The chemical properties of FEP correspond largely to those of pure PTFE. That's why FEP-coated O-rings are resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

FEP is a FDA approved material for food contact parts.


While the necessary elasticity is achieved by the used silicone or Viton® O-ring, the FEP coating ensures a high chemical resistance of the o-ring. These properties provide new additional applications for the FEP encapsulated O-ring.


  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Petrochemistry