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Quality control

In the case of O-rings the following principle is almost exemplary applicable: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (Benjamin Franklin). Why? Because the replacement costs for an O-ring are usually in significant disproportion to the amount of work in the repair. 

Of course: complete quality checks are not for free! But please consider also the cost saving effects of a 100% quality check: internal time consuming quality checks before installing the O-rings and C-parts are obsolete; you thereby reduce the lead time in your internal production. Besides all that, you don't risk reputational damage by using unreliable O-rings in your high-end product!

Our experience of nearly 3 decades shows us that the quality inspection of O-rings and other C-parts almost always pays off! So: Do not hesitate to contact us!


2D and 3D digital microscopy

O-rings show (depending on the manufacturer, material and dimensions) surface damage in the form of scratches, cuts, dents, foreign object occlusions etc. at different frequencies.

Sealtech uses the newest generation of 2D and 3D digital microscopy; this enables us to reliably detect surface damage on the component. Defects can be perfectly visualized and measured. We can verify whether the component is inside or outside the allowed tolerances and initiate the correspondent measures.

Contamination Analysis

Dirt on sealing components and C-parts can cause damage to the end product and are thus a source of error, which must be prevented. The production and guarantee of constantly clean components requires not only the operation of cleanrooms but also a quality assurance of the end product. Here Sealtech as your partner offers further added value: we not only regularly check the air quality in our cleanrooms using appropriate particle counters; we rather additionally carry out a so-called residual dirt analysis on the end product. This analysis can be used to determine how many particles are still effectively on the product after being processed/cleaned in the clean room. If necessary, reworking can be carried out and the customer can - on request - be provided with measurement records for each delivery batch.

As a result we ensure that your product has not just been tested and packed in the clean room; we guarantee you the cleanliness also on the product itself!

Particle measurement

A reliable production in cleanrooms requires the regular monitoring of the air quality. Sealtech regularly uses a defined test program to measure the particle concentration in the cleanroom. The measurement results are recorded and help us to constantly improve the cleanliness of the production processes.

The measurements take place with regularly calibrated equipment; in addition we use black glass panels, which allow a further and rapid visual inspection of the cleanliness conditions in the direct working environment.