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Contamination Analysis

Dirt on sealing components and C-parts can cause damage to the end product and are thus a source of error, which must be prevented. The production and guarantee of constantly clean components requires not only the operation of cleanrooms but also a quality assurance of the end product. Here Sealtech as your partner offers further added value: we not only regularly check the air quality in our cleanrooms using appropriate particle counters; we rather additionally carry out a so-called residual dirt analysis on the end product. This analysis can be used to determine how many particles are still effectively on the product after being processed/cleaned in the clean room. If necessary, reworking can be carried out and the customer can - on request - be provided with measurement records for each delivery batch.

As a result we ensure that your product has not just been tested and packed in the clean room; we guarantee you the cleanliness also on the product itself!